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ActionFTP is a free add-in I wrote for Kenny Kerr’s WindowClippings screenshot utility.

It allows you to perform “actions” on the screenshot, such as annotating or editing, before uploading it to an FTP server or a free HTTP image host.

It can then copy the full (or shortened – useful for pasting to Twitter) URL of the screenshot, or HTML <img>, HTML hyperlink (<a>), or BBcode [img] or [url] tags to your clipboard for pasting into a website, blog post, Tweet, forum thread, Facebook status update, instant messenger chat window or anywhere else you might want to link to an image.

You can see a screenshot of the settings window for ActionFTP below.

Changes in this version

Release: 29th August 2010

New Features:
- Added URL shortening service (requires API key; available here: )
- Added HTTP upload

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where special characters in the filename were not encoded before copying to clipboard
- Fixed the HTTP uploader code not passing the correct user agent string in some cases

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ActionFTP Settings Window Screenshot