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ActionFTP is an add-in for Kenny Kerr's WindowClippings
<> - a simple, yet incredibly powerful and
easy-to-use screenshot utility for Windows.

ActionFTP was written by Fr3d <> in C#.

ActionFTP is a "Send To" add-in: it takes the processed clipping (after any
extra "Filter" add-ins have done their stuff), saves a copy to your "temp"
folder, and then opens it for editing/annotating/etc in a program of your
choice (e.g. Photoshop, Paint.Net, The GIMP), before automatically uploading it
to an FTP server of your choice, and then copying the direct web-facing URL to
the new clipping to your clipboard.
If you don't have your own hosting, or if you simply prefer not to use it,
ActionFTP can upload your screenshot to a free public image host instead.

ActionFTP shares a few features and similarities with Ari Glaizel's
"Send to FTP" add-in (which I used for months before developing ActionFTP).
If you're used to "Send to FTP", you should find ActionFTP very familiar! :-)

Some key features:
- ActionFTP can be set to ask you before launching your chosen executable(s) -
useful if you don't want to wait for Photoshop to load every time
- ActionFTP appends a pseudo-random number to the file name of every upload
to avoid potential problems with duplicate file names.
- Should the window you are clipping have no title set, ActionFTP can ask you
to enter one before upload... alternatively, it can be set not to bother you,
and use some pre-set text instead.
- Variables can be inserted into the FTP path and URL to organise your uploads
- An extra local copy of the uploaded file can be kept, if desired - useful if
you want to keep both the original and the edited clippings on your disk
- ActionFTP can automatically shorten the URL of your clipping - useful for
posting a link to it on Twitter
- ActionFTP can also output the HTML for hyperlinks, img tags or BB code for
linking to your image on a website, blog or forum.

Feel free to contact me to suggest new features or report bugs:


Simply copy the following files into wherever you run WindowClippings from:
(Usually C:\Program Files\WindowClippings\)

- ActionFTP.dll
- Newtonsoft.Json.dll
- Newtonsoft.Json.xml
- WindowClippings.dll (if you don't already have it)

Restart WindowClippings if you copied/replaced the WindowClippings.dll file.


After successfully loading the add-in, you need to add it to the clipping
"workflow", or sequence of actions on the General tab of the WC options window:

1. Click the Add button, and click ActionFTP in the context menu that appears
-> ActionFTP will be added to the actions list

2. Click ActionFTP, and then click the Settings button to the left
-> The ActionFTP Settings window will then open

**** ActionFTP provides some _sample_ values - YOU REALLY NEED TO CHANGE THESE!

3. Unless you actually enjoy using Microsoft Paint you'll want to pick a new
 Action - click the Browse button and find the main executable for your
 favourite image editing software in the dialogue that appears.

4. Enter the details for your FTP server:
 * FTP Server: host name or IP address
 * Port: The port your FTP server uses; 21 is the default for 99% of servers
 * FTP Path: The absolute or relative path a web-accessible directory
 * URL: The URL to the path you specified above
 * Username/Password: these should be self-explanatory ;-)

5. You may also wish to adjust some of the additional settings;
 these should be fairly self-explanatory.

6. Click OK!


These variables can be used in the FTP Path and/or the URL fields

%D%        Numerical day without leading zero        e.g.    1
%DD%        Numerical day with leading zero            e.g.    01
%DDD%        Abbreviated name of the day*            e.g.    Mon
%DDDD%        Name of the day*                e.g.    Monday
%M%        Numerical month without leading zero        e.g.    1
%MM%        Numerical month with leading zero        e.g.    01
%MMM%        Abbreviated name of the month*            e.g.    Jan
%MMMM%        Name of the month*                e.g.    January
%YY%        Two-digit year                    e.g.    10
%YYYY%        Four-digit year                    e.g.    2010
%USER%        Your current Windows username
%SYSTEM%    The NetBIOS name of the system

* Day and month names are output according to the current system locale

What are these for?
Some users asked for an easy and more automated way to keep their clippings
directories "tidy" by adding auto-updating dates to the paths and URLs.


You will need the latest version of WindowClippings to use ActionFTP
(2.1.28 at time of writing).

You will also need to have the .NET 3.5 Framework installed. Available free
from Microsoft using Windows Update or the

If you have problems loading the add-in, make sure you have "unblocked" both
DLL files, as well as the WindowClippings executable itself:
Right-clicking each file, select "Properties", click the "Unblock" button
at the bottom, and clicking OK. If there is no "Unblock" button, the file
isn't being blocked by Windows.

WindowClippings cannot be running before you can "unblock" its executable.
Also, WindowClippings may need to be restarted after unblocking the DLL files.


Delete ActionFTP.dll, and restart WindowClippings.